College Research Project


For this project you will research a college or university. You will choose a college and three research questions from the list below. As a class we will go to the library and you will use the Internet to answer your research questions. Then in class we will write a thesis paragraph and three supporting paragraphs to complete your project. Once your project is complete you will present the information you found to the class in a 2-3 minute presentation.
1. Choose a college from the list provided
2. Choose three research questions from the list provided
3. Go to the library and research your questions, use the Find and Evaluate Sources handout and Research Your Topic handout to take notes, including your sources
4. Write your thesis paragraph
5. Write your three research paragraphs
6. Rewrite all of your paragraphs onto index cards
7. Assemble/organize your project, directions will be given
8. Present the information you found to the class
Required Questions (Everyone answer the following research question):
History of the College:
-When was it founded?
-What is the student and teacher population?
-Where is the college located?
-What is the college rated among other schools?

Research Questions (Choose Two)
  1. Identify three majors that are offered
  2. What is the tuition per a term and how do you apply for financial aid?
  3. Describe college living, dorms?
  4. What clubs are offered academic and social?
  5. What sports programs are offered?
  6. What is the student to teacher ratios?
  7. Identify the student support services.
  8. Identify and analyze the steps in the application process.
  9. What is the mascot?
  10. What is the college best known for?

Keep it Local:

University of California

Californial State University

California Community Colleges

Independent Colleges & Universities

Out of State:

Association of State Colleges & Universities

Private and Independent Colleges

Other kinds of information about colleges:
CSO College Center
The College Board
The Princeton Review
Hobson's College View
The Common Application Online
Colleges That Change Lives
College Sites

College Rankings:

US News & World Reports Best College Rankings 2015
US News & World Reports College Ranking Trends
Peterson's Guide to Colleges

Preparing for College:

Shmoop College

Take a virtual college tour:

Virtual College Tour