Creating Book Trailers

To create an effective book trailer, you must think of the story you want to tell that will interest your viewer in reading the book but you don't want to tell the whole story. Think of movie trailers and how the trailer entices you into buying a ticket to see the movie.
Here's a professional made trailer by a publisher for Scott Westerfield's book, //Leviathan.//

Create Book Trailers using Animoto. (See Ms. White for log-ins and passwords).

As you create your book trailer, think of how everything (slide background, music, bookcovers, slides and text) come together to set the mood of your trailer. Is your book a love story, a comedy or a thriller? Choose music that sets that type of mood. You wouldn't use an intense hip hop beat to accompany a fantasy book such as The Hobbit but a hip hop beat may fit more with a sports book or urban fiction books. Different types of music set different types of mood. Be sure to select one that fits with your trailer.
Follow these instructions .

Enjoy the creative process!