Student Project Glogs

Anne Frank Example by Ms. White (This was a quickly made example to demonstrate the use of links in Glogster. Note: You will need to include citations or links for any images and other information taken directly from sources.)

Camps & Ghettos
Gross Rosen by Leah D.
Lodz Ghetto by Austin N.
Bergen-Belsen by Ashna C.

People (Heroes & Villians)
Klaus Barbie by Jagdeep L.
Adolf Eichman by Hong P.
Anne Frank by Mychael G.
Rudolph Hess by Ivanna S.
Albert Speer by Elizabeth G..
Albert Speer by Thien N.
Chiune Sugihara by Cindy N.
Simon Wiesenthal by Evelyn T.

Groups and Events
Hitler's Youth by Nathan A.
Eugenics by Sean F.