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Lois Lowry's Number the Stars is set in Denmark during the German Occupation during World War II. The Nazis are seeking to identify and round up all the Jews to send to concentration camps. To give you a background on this time period in history and to help you understand the story in Number the Stars, you will be conducting research into topics of Jewish culture and traditions and the Danish resistance during World War II and the German occupation.

Our databases can give you general information on your topics.
**Go Grolier** includes two encyclopedias. (You need a user name and password to access this site. Ask Ms. White.)
Here are some links to websites you may find helpful for finding information on your topics:
Judaism 101 provides information on holidays, symbols and traditions of the Jewish culture and religion. The site has a search engine.
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum provides information on King Christian X of Denmark and the Danish resistance during the German occupation of Denmark. The site has a search engine.
The Jewish Virtual Library website has a search engine and has information on Jewish culture and traditions as well as historical information on the Danish resistance in German-occupied Denmark during World War II.